It’s important to know how to take apart a Glock if you are looking to purchase one. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to do it with ease!

We recommend that you always clean your firearm before taking it apart.

Remove the magazine and clear the chamber of any rounds or gunpowder.

Pull down on the takedown lever located at the front of the frame just above where your hand grips onto it when firing. This will release the slide from its locked position so that you can remove it from the top of the barrel assembly.

Remove the slide by carefully lifting it up and out of the gun.

With a small flathead screwdriver, remove trigger assembly from the frame by removing two screws on the lower part of the grip to release spring tension with slight downward pressure. Do not press down too hard or you may break off your front sight! It’s best to find someone who has done it before to help you.

With the spring assembly removed, lift up on extractor and slide breechblock out of frame. Be careful not to damage any internal components!

Underneath where your barrel is located in its locked position inside a recessed area between two rails near the end of the gun body opposite how you load rounds. You’ll need to insert a flathead screwdriver with slight pressure in order to lift up and push the barrel out of its locked position.

With the slide assembly removed, you can now follow these same steps backward in how to put it back together! Make sure that all parts are clean before reassembling them for proper functioning.

how to take apart a Glock

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